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Movies Detail of Pieces of a Woman (2020)

✓ Title : Pieces of a Woman
✓ Release Date : December 30th, 2020
✓ Genre : Drama
✓ Runtime : 127 minutes
✓ Directors : Kornél Mundruczó, Marc Larose
✓ Writer : Kata Wéber
✓ Companies : Bron Studios, Little Lamb Productions, Creative Wealth Media Finance, Proton Cinema, Sikelia Productions
✓ Countries : Canada, Hungary, United States of America
✓ Cast : Tyrone Benskin, Shia LaBeouf, Steven McCarthy, Frank Schorpion, Ellen Burstyn, Vanessa Kirby, Iliza Shlesinger, Sarah Snook, Benny Safdie, Molly Parker

Synopsis of Pieces of a Woman (2020)

When a young mother's home birth ends in unfathomable tragedy, she begins a year-long odyssey of mourning that fractures relationships with loved ones in this deeply personal story of a woman learning to live alongside her loss.

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Well, Pieces of a Woman (2020) is good movie with a talanted cast and top level director. The Pieces of a Woman (2020) itselft directed by Kornél Mundruczó, Marc Larose and Starring by Tyrone Benskin, Shia LaBeouf, Steven McCarthy, Frank Schorpion, Ellen Burstyn, Vanessa Kirby, Iliza Shlesinger, Sarah Snook, Benny Safdie, Molly Parker which made Pieces of a Woman (2020) enjoyable to watch and spending your time alone or with family and friends.

Pieces of a Woman (2020)

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