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Streaming Carlinhos & Carlão 2020 Film complet vietsub hd
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Movies Detail of Carlinhos & Carlão (2020)

✓ Title : Carlinhos & Carlão
✓ Release Date : August 6th, 2020
✓ Genre : Comedy
✓ Runtime : 93 minutes
✓ Director : Pedro Amorim
✓ Writers : Carolina Castro, Célio Porto
✓ Companies : Migdal Filmes, Downtown Filmes, Fox Filmes do Brasil, Telecine Productions
✓ Country : Brazil
✓ Cast : Otávio Augusto, Thati Lopes, Luís Lobianco, Marcelo Flores, Suzy Brasil, Luis Miranda, Thiago Rodrigues, Cláudio Mendes, Victor Lamoglia, Saulo Rodrigues

Synopsis of Carlinhos & Carlão (2020)

Carlão is a prejudiced man who works in a car dealership with Cadinho, Zeca and Antunes. In conversations between them, Carlão always boasts of being the greatest soccer and mechanics savvy, all amidst macho and homophobic jokes. When Evaristo is the target of such verbal assaults, he pursues him and locks him in a magic locker. From there comes Carlinhos, a homosexual alter ego that takes over Carlão's body when night comes.

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Well, Carlinhos & Carlão (2020) is good movie with a talanted cast and top level director. The Carlinhos & Carlão (2020) itselft directed by Pedro Amorim and Starring by Otávio Augusto, Thati Lopes, Luís Lobianco, Marcelo Flores, Suzy Brasil, Luis Miranda, Thiago Rodrigues, Cláudio Mendes, Victor Lamoglia, Saulo Rodrigues which made Carlinhos & Carlão (2020) enjoyable to watch and spending your time alone or with family and friends.

Carlinhos & Carlão (2020)

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