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The Average Color of the Universe pelicula completa en español latino descargar online
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Movies Detail of The Average Color of the Universe (2020)

✓ Title : The Average Color of the Universe
✓ Release Date : February 7th, 2020
✓ Genre : Drama
✓ Runtime : 63 minutes
✓ Director : Alexandra-Therese Keining
✓ Writer : Alexandra-Therese Keining
✓ Company : Sheakartellen
✓ Country : Sweden
✓ Cast : Jennie Silfverhjelm, Zardasht Rad

Synopsis of The Average Color of the Universe (2020)

In a life severely characterized by loss, a woman is in the borderland between the past and reality. Isolated but surrounded by the natural cycle, memory fragments flicker by and life seems like a vacuum. The boundaries of time and space have been blurred, but she still finds solace in the infinity of the universe and smallness of human.

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Well, The Average Color of the Universe (2020) is good movie with a talanted cast and top level director. The The Average Color of the Universe (2020) itselft directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining and Starring by Jennie Silfverhjelm, Zardasht Rad which made The Average Color of the Universe (2020) enjoyable to watch and spending your time alone or with family and friends.

The Average Color of the Universe (2020)

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